Our mission is to help solar companies make more money. As media dollars shift from traditional to online, the need to stand out among competitors has never been greater. Aerial Impacts allows you to target high quality homes and send them customized solar panel designs and annual savings in a beautiful 6 x 11 post card for less than a single cost-per-click in search marketing.


The problem with the media industry is that we can’t trust it. Did the click on Google Search that you spent $5-$25+ really happen? If so, was it a solid prospect or a competitor? And then, did that click result in a lead or an install? With so many questions, it’s not a trustworthy investment!

Better Data, Higher Results. Learn How!


With Aerial Impacts, you can send a custom mailer to the right person, at the right time, with a custom message for just $2 per mailer. Stop spending $5-$25+ per-a-click and start turning your marketing money into leads you can count on.

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Included into Aerial Impacts service is a CallRail tracking number. This allows each client to measure the success of their campaign. Each number will be valid for 3 months from the initial drop date. The client is welcome to use any number on the card. AI recommends using a tracking service. Need help with marketing services to help measure and increase impact? We’re here to help!


Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled. If a company wishes to cancel a second or third mailer to the same home, then Aerial Impacts will refund the postage for the cards not mailed at $0.27 per a unit.

WHAT DATA DO I NEED TO PROVIDE2020-02-27T23:22:04+00:00

An intake call will be scheduled with one of our account strategists. This call will be used to collect information including business name, address, website, geographic area of target, power company kWh or blended rate for calculation, template design choice, and target drop date. If you would like to purchase a list, Aerial Impacts can help you acquire a highly targeted list for just $0.20 per record.

Aerial Impacts will also need your logo, phone number (we suggest using a provided tracking number from callrail.com or another client provided third-party vendor for better tracking), and based on your template design choice, image(s) and content for the front and back of your mailer.  Our team will work closely with you to cover all the details and ensure an impactful and accurate final design.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE2020-02-27T23:21:38+00:00

From order to first delivery, companies should expect 3-4 weeks. Interested in getting started? Fill out the form online or write to info@aerialimpacts.com and our team of solar experts will reach out for a discovery call to learn more about your business and campaign goals. Once the campaign details are confirmed, you’ll receive dates for the initial drop and follow up mailers from your dedicated sales executive.


Aerial Impacts has partnered with the lowest cost direct mail printer and mailing service to deliver good quality and customer service. With the list of addresses, our team uses Google Earth to take a picture of the roof of each home. Then we design a custom solar panel system on each roof. Using your provided power company and kWh rate, we then calculate annual savings for each home based on production of a 360W system and mail merge the data into your approved direct mailer design.

GOOGLE EARTH IMAGES2020-02-27T23:20:54+00:00

How often are Google Earth images updated?

Image dates vary from location to location; normally 3 to 4 years. You can find more information here – https://support.google.com/earth/answer/6327779 – about images.

How can I remove my home from Google Earth?

Google partners with third-party data providers all over the world to be able to bring you the satellite and aerial images you see in Google Earth. Google doesn’t control satellites nor take these pictures themselves.

The images included in Google Earth are images that you’d be able to see by flying over someone’s house, and are in general, publicly available. Moreover, Google doesn’t alter the content of images that we receive from third-party sources—Google won’t manually extract an image from what you see.

If you’d like to still pursue getting an image taken out of the satellite imagery, your best bet is to directly contact the data provider that has taken the image and let them know that there’s a problem. The data provider is listed on the copyright line in the Google Earth images (at the bottom center of the Google Earth image).

HOW IS THE DESIGN CREATED2020-02-28T22:24:15+00:00

Our team of solar experts uses software to custom design each home. Using your desired kWh rate and production output for a 360W panel, each homeowner will receive a highly customized mailer showing potential annual savings and kWh.

CAN I PURCHASE A LIST2021-07-13T00:39:12+00:00

If you’d like Aerial Impacts to purchase a list on your behalf, then the cost is $0.15 per record for 3,000 home designs. Our team takes great care in selecting homes that have high potential. For instance, we always remove land owned by trusts which historically have a lower chance to invest in a solar installation. With your help, we’ll organize the list based on multi-home or residential requirements to make sure your mailers have the highest redemption rate possible. AI will ensure you’re only paying for homes that do not have an existing solar system on the roof from the get-go.

HOW DO I OBTAIN A LIST2024-01-10T06:29:39+00:00

Aerial Impacts’ customers obtain lists in several ways. Many customers have existing target lists of customer names and addresses. Others hand select addresses in target neighborhoods to optimize valuable installations. The fastest way to acquire a list is to purchase one. Our team of solar experts can help you weed out homes with existing solar installations, residences owned by trust estates, small roof properties, and filter multi or single-family homes to maximize your impact for just $0.15 per record.

WHAT IS THE TYPICAL COST2020-02-27T23:17:27+00:00

Aerial Impacts uses a tiered pricing model to help you do more for less. The first custom solar campaign of 3,000 or more mailers including design and postage is just $2 per unit. Send a second replica mailer to the same homes for $1.50 per unit, and $1.25 for a third replica mailer.

The team suggests no more than 5,000 unique designs per each drop based on ordinary sales team support.

WHAT TO EXPECT2020-02-27T23:16:56+00:00

Customers who use Aerial Impacts typically receive a 1% redemption with a single mailer, 2% with two mailers, and 3% with three mailers. Depending on your location and the time of year, you may experience a higher conversion rate. Customers who engage in canvassing and online search ads in the same areas as the campaign also receive a higher redemption rate. Need help with other marketing to increase impact? We’re here to help!

WHO WE ARE2020-02-27T23:16:32+00:00

Our mission is to help companies make more money. As media dollars shift from traditional to online, the need to stand out among competitors has never been greater. Aerial Impacts (AI) allows you to target high quality homes and send them customized solar panel designs with their projected annual savings in a beautiful 6 x 11 postcard for less than a single cost-per-click in search marketing.